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700arts of india transparmet


ReplyÂFZAL KHAN 18.03 17:56
gunese liming spot
ReplyÂFZAL KHAN 18.03 18:01
I man get the banna Dood now
ReplyÂFZAL KHAN 18.03 18:03
You can run but cannot hide from i man
ReplyÂFZAL KHAN 18.03 18:06
Lisa you rite to tell me i man gone fine the recker hêre
ReplyJagroop 19.03 13:13
Good morning, I like to know if you take requests on your programme?I am listening to you from Montreal,Canada.I really enjoy your programme.Very nice selections.God Bless. My e-mail address is …jagrooprampersaud@hotmail.com.
ReplySharmilee Bronx 19.03 14:16
GM to all my NTN Family in and out of Guyana
ReplyKOOLMAN-BX 19.03 21:11
ReplyKOOLMAN-BX 19.03 21:13
ReplyKOOLMAN-BX 19.03 21:25
Good afternoon 2 u Mr.Freddie How u doing. It’s a long time haven’t heard your voice.
ReplyKOOLMAN-BX 19.03 22:07
Freddie I’m still here. Play a tune from Dobby Dupson.
ReplyPriya Brampton gal 20.03 12:33
GM NTN family
ReplyKaval 23.03 17:03
Hi Roshini I’m lock on live in New York.
ReplyKaval 23.03 18:08
Enjoying your music in New York.goodafternoon
ReplyKaval 23.03 18:09
Hello do you read this message
ReplySuresh 24.03 16:27
Goodday roshini enjoying the music in british virgin island like to stout out goodafternoon to guyana and my family and friends in guyana
ReplySuresh 24.03 16:27
Party mood
ReplyKAM(NJ) 24.03 16:47
Good afternoon Rosh
ReplyKaval 24.03 17:03
Hi Roshi please send out shout out greeting to my family in essequibo searching and these greeting coming from Kaval of New York
ReplyKAM(NJ) 24.03 17:08
enjoying the music
ReplyKAM(NJ) 24.03 18:00
have a great weekend Rosh