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Name of Program Presenter/s Concept
NTN Morning Show
06:30 – 09:00hrs Monday – Friday
Allana Bose The NTN Morning Show is a fun filled show that takes you from 6:30 to 9:00hrs. The show starts with the weather update, a poignant quote of the day, the headlines from popular newspapers and updates on trending current events all complimented with a wide range of popular music. Greetings are so welcomed!!! It’s a rollercoaster that never comes down. Tune in!
Quizz Catch
10:00 – 11:30hrs Monday – Friday
Allana Bose Quizz Catch; spelt with an extra z for extra flair is a popular quiz show that is no stranger to the airwaves. There are two segments; the first one, running from 10:00 to 11:00 allows you to research the question and come up with possible answers. The second segment (The On the Spot Segment) however is a little trickier, the question is given after the caller is on air; giving you a limited time to think of an answer and no opportunity to research the question.The show is one to keep the brain sharp either by listening or playing.
Lunch Buffet
11:30 – 12:00hrs Monday – Friday
Allana Bose
Non-Stop Choice Show
12:30 – 15:30hrs Monday – Friday
Mark Pierre Eaxctly what it say ” Non stop choice show. Choose exactly what you want to be played. Simply send the name of the song, artist, the sender and who it’s dedicated to.
Rush Hour
16:00 – 18:30hrs Monday – Friday
Mark Pierre
Reality Check
08:00 – 09:00hrs Tuesdays
Fredrick Rampersaud Live panel discussions on Topical Issues regarding Health, Education and Interactions with the Listening populace.
Sports in Spotlight
09:00 – 10:00hrs Tuesdays
Fredrick Rampersaud Live discussions with Sports Administrators and personalities as we help to develop Sports in Guyana
Entertainment Guide
08:00 – 09:00hrs Thursdays
Fredrick Rampersaud This programme focus on NTN’s outreach in the Entertainment Segment of English music from the Golden Years, live interactions with Artiste and Fans, via discussions in the studio or by telephone calls and text messages.



Name of Program Presenter/s Concept
Saturday Melodies
07:00 – 10:00hrs Saturday
Mark Pierre
NTN Sunday Link Up
07:00 – 10:00hrs Sunday
Fredrick Rampersaud Four hours of Bollywood music from the latest to the yesterday days classic beginning at Noon on Sundays, live interaction and greetings with fans from around the world, Special request of a song and its meaning and inserts from SadhGuru.


Name of Program Presenter/s Concept
Mega Mix Reload
15:00 – 16:00hrs Monday – Saturday
WR Reaz & Dj Andy This Team MMR Radio program is hosted by partybboss WR Reaz and music by selector Andy. Aired 5 days a week on NtN Radio 89.1FM Tune in for a wide variety of hype music to entertain our fans in Guyana & worldwide.
Music Inferno
15:00 – 16:00hrs Thursdays
Asif Nawaz Bringing to you a sense of relaxation through music featuring a mixture of old and new music of a wide range of genres, including indian, Pop, soul, R & B, Rock, Reggae,etc.
Namilco Hour
15:00 – 16:00hrs Fridays
Fredrick Rampersaud Focus on all types of music and dissemination of Cooking Tips and recipes along with interviews with prominent personalities from Namilco and other stake holders.
Twins Manufacturing Program
20:00 – 21:00hrs Monday
Debra Francis





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ReplyÂFZAL KHAN 18.03 17:56
gunese liming spot
ReplyÂFZAL KHAN 18.03 18:01
I man get the banna Dood now
ReplyÂFZAL KHAN 18.03 18:03
You can run but cannot hide from i man
ReplyÂFZAL KHAN 18.03 18:06
Lisa you rite to tell me i man gone fine the recker hêre
ReplyJagroop 19.03 13:13
Good morning, I like to know if you take requests on your programme?I am listening to you from Montreal,Canada.I really enjoy your programme.Very nice selections.God Bless. My e-mail address is …jagrooprampersaud@hotmail.com.
ReplySharmilee Bronx 19.03 14:16
GM to all my NTN Family in and out of Guyana
ReplyKOOLMAN-BX 19.03 21:11
ReplyKOOLMAN-BX 19.03 21:13
ReplyKOOLMAN-BX 19.03 21:25
Good afternoon 2 u Mr.Freddie How u doing. It’s a long time haven’t heard your voice.
ReplyKOOLMAN-BX 19.03 22:07
Freddie I’m still here. Play a tune from Dobby Dupson.
ReplyPriya Brampton gal 20.03 12:33
GM NTN family
ReplyKaval 23.03 17:03
Hi Roshini I’m lock on live in New York.
ReplyKaval 23.03 18:08
Enjoying your music in New York.goodafternoon
ReplyKaval 23.03 18:09
Hello do you read this message
ReplySuresh 24.03 16:27
Goodday roshini enjoying the music in british virgin island like to stout out goodafternoon to guyana and my family and friends in guyana
ReplySuresh 24.03 16:27
Party mood
ReplyKAM(NJ) 24.03 16:47
Good afternoon Rosh
ReplyKaval 24.03 17:03
Hi Roshi please send out shout out greeting to my family in essequibo searching and these greeting coming from Kaval of New York
ReplyKAM(NJ) 24.03 17:08
enjoying the music
ReplyKAM(NJ) 24.03 18:00
have a great weekend Rosh